Accident benefits

Accident benefits provide compensation if you, your passenger or any other person are hurt or killed by mistake in a car accident. Statutory accident benefit provides compensation, regardless of fault. It is right of the victim to get mandatory benefit from the insurance company to cover their medical care, income replacement and other expenses. A standalone personal accident policy covers all kind of losses that are temporary disablement, income loss for hospitalization. A policy holder can make a claim if caught in any kind of accident like falling down the stairs, breaking hand or leg while playing sport or being in a road accident. Recovering benefit from the insurance company is quite difficult.  So it is beneficial to consult a lawyer who is expert in accident benefits and personal injury law.  Here accident lawyer plays a very important role in getting the accident policy coverage. Car Accident lawyer represent victim of road accident.

Benefits of car accident policy:

Following are the benefits that are covered under the benefit section of auto policy.

Medical, rehabilitation and attendant care:

This benefit covers you for medical expenses that are related to the injuries which are not we covered by the physiotherapist or prescriptions.

Income replacement:

If you were hurt in an accident and don’t have coverage elsewhere, your Auto Insurance policy will replace a percentage of your weekly pay cheque.

Death and funeral benefit:  

If you passed away because of accident, lump sum payments are available to your spouse and dependents in addition to help cover funeral costs.

Housekeeping and home maintenance benefit:

 Housekeeping and home maintenance can become impossible if you are seriously injured in an accident. So some amount is covered under your insurance policy.

Dependent care benefit:

If you are employed and typically relay on child care, you may need extra help to care your children just because you are seriously injured in an accident. This benefit provides reimbursement for extra expense to care your dependents.

Role of car accident lawyer:

The role of car accident lawyer is to answer all the question, handle all the contacts with the

Insurance company and recover full and fair compensation.

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